Suddenly a professor insulted God right in class

Suddenly a professor insulted God right in class

“Only uneducated, ignorant, and ignorant people believe in religion!”  After hearing that conclusion, the whole class fell silent, and I was dissatisfied and speechless. This dissatisfaction is probably partly because the content the professor teaches directly defames the beliefs of Catholics in particular, and also touches a very basic right of every human being, which is the right to freedom. beliefs.

I feel useless because I don't have the ability to stand up for my faith and religious beliefs. After listening to the professor's presentation, which I thought was unsympathetic to this Catholic person, I went home to try to find my own answer. And when I finished researching, I decided to meet him...

The first question I asked him was  "Teacher, you probably know, which country is currently the most civilized and advanced in the world?" . The professor immediately replied:  "America" . I immediately said,  "So, can you tell me how many people believe in God in America today?"  The Professor looked at me and asked:  "What is the purpose of asking that?" . I replied:  "Because you said 'Only those who are uneducated, ignorant, and ignorant believe in God', that's why I asked you this question . "

He hesitated for a moment and then said:  "America is a country with a large number of people who believe in God." "That's right. I know that in America, 86% believe in God, while 14% identify themselves as atheists. Are these 86% also ignorant and uneducated people?

“Furthermore, I also saw famous scholars such as Bacon, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Georges Lemaître (1894-1966, Catholic priest, discoverer of the Big Bang theory). Max Planck (1858-1947, Nobel Prize winner in physics and father of Quantum mechanics theory). Blaise Pascal (1623–1662, prodigy of mathematics, physics, and theory). René Descartes (1596–1650, scholar of geometry and Immutable Numbers, and leader of the Western Scientific Revolution). Roger Bacon (c.1214–1294, who applied the experimental method and advanced scientific methods, wrote on Natural Law, mechanics, geography and optics).

Johannes Kepler (1571–1630, cosmologist, calculated the movements of galaxies). Isaac Newton (1643–1727, greatest scientist and mathematician of all time). And so many other scientists are good Christians. Could it be that these scientists are also ignorant and superstitious people? I think the premise you gave doesn't seem right at all..."

The professor seemed to sag for a moment and then said:  "I only say what the books and my duty have to say. Because that's my job . " I replied:  “Yes, if you say so, I understand. However, I feel that the teacher does not have the freedom to teach students his true knowledge. But there's one more thing that makes me wonder..." . He looked at me and asked:  "What else do you want to ask?" “Yes, it's just related to what you said in class. I want to ask you, is there anything false or deluded that can last for a long time?" I replied.

My teacher then leisurely said:  "People always say the truth is always the truth. Lies can deceive some people, some times they will eventually show up." “Thank you, teacher. The teacher said the right thing. The truth is, monsters don't fall for teachers, right? If  Catholicism  is false, why has it existed for so long? It not only exists but also develops throughout the world and stands firmly, right?" . The teacher nodded and said to me:  “I admire your spirit. I am a person with opinions and dare to live for my opinions. I believe that you will do good things for the country and society. It's just a pity that there are so few people with witnesses and courage like you among students... I wish you success."

Goodbye to the teacher I bothered... Although the time we met was not long, I partly understand the pain of many people, especially professors and teachers, who, despite knowing the truth, do not dare to tell the truth. knowing the truth but still lying, still telling lies to hope for peace, to gain a little so-called self-interest! I hope that in school, intellectual freedom and freedom of thought are respected, and truth and conscience are heard!