4 of the Craziest Catholic Rules You've Never Heard Of

4 of the Craziest Catholic Rules You've Never Heard Of

Have you heard of these Catholic rules?

On this episode of "The Catholic Talk Show," Ryan Scheel, Father Rich Pagano, and Ryan DellaCrosse discuss “The Craziest Catholic Rules You’ve Never Heard Of."

1) What Happens When the Pope Dies?

Without modern medicine to confirm, they had to make sure there was no mistake declaring the papacy vacant. “When the pope died, one of the rituals is that the camerlengo would take a silver hammer and tap the pope on the head three times," says Scheel.

2) You Can Eat What! During Lent

Unique dispensations around the world allow for the consumption of aquatic mammals on Fridays during Lent. “There are certain animals that you can eat that you would never guess that you're allowed to eat like muskrat” or alligator, Scheel says. 

3) Only Certain Women Can Wear White To Meet the Pope

During papal audiences, there is a particular privilege involving dress code. "There are only seven [now eight] women in the world who are allowed to wear white when meeting the pope," Scheel explains.

This rare honor, known as the "privilege du blanc," is traditionally reserved for certain Catholic queens and princesses.

4) Lunar Loophole: The Bishop of the Moon

Here’s something out of this world—literally! A Catholic bishop is in charge of the moon. This bizarre rule originates from the time when newly discovered territories would fall under the bishopric from where the expedition departed.

Since the Apollo missions launched from within the Diocese of Orlando, "technically, the Bishop of Orlando is the bishop of the moon," reveals Scheel. 

Curious to learn about more of the craziest Catholic rules? This episode covers it all!

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